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6 Halloween-Themed Foods You Really Should Be Afraid Of

You already know that candy isn’t the best, but dipping into your kids’ stash won’t totally derail you. Here are six things that can really come back to haunt you! You already know that candy is laden with processed sugar and artificial additives, but indulging in a few of your favorite goodies on Halloween night won’t totally derail you. What ...

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Fitness-Inspired Halloween Costumes – Health

Do you have a costume yet? Don’t worry. Health staffers have you covered with seven last-minute, costumes you can throw together using gear you already have. Between work and workouts October has been pretty hectic. Suddenly, as you absentmindedly flip past Hocus Pocus on your TV, you remember: Oh right, Halloween is this weekend! The kids have costumes, but do ...

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