7 Everyday Things You Can Do to Burn More Calories

No time to exercise? Here are ways to sneak a mini workout into your everyday activities.

If time is what stands between you and working out regularly, you will be surprised to find out that many of your daily activities can count as exercise. With just a slight tweak, you will be well on your way to torch calories without losing too much time. Here are seven daily habits that might help you break a sweat.

Walking to your destination

Alight a stop earlier and walk to your destination. While the weather in Singapore may not be ideal for walking outdoors, you can always do it in the evenings when it is breezy and you are not pressed for time. You can burn around 40 calories by walking briskly (calculated based on a 55kg person).
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Taking the stairs

Ditch the elevator and go for the stairs in your office building. The resistance from stair climbing will work your quads, glutes, calves and hamstrings. According to Harvard Medical School, climbing stairs will help you burn calories two to three times faster than brisk walking on flat surfaces. This applies even if you are climbing at a slow pace.


Time to help out with the household chores. You will be killing two birds with one stone by cleaning your house. Turn the much-dreaded chore into a good workout by putting on some fast-paced music. Try to engage your different groups of muscles while doing things like mopping and scrubbing and you will notice your arms getting more toned over time.

Join the kids at the playground

Instead of watching over your children at playtime, why not join them in their fun and games? Playing games like catch with your little ones will bring you lots of joy and seriously burn some calories while you’re at it.

Grocery shopping

Good news – this weekly routine that you are probably already doing helps to burn calories. Pushing your heavy shopping cart up and down through narrow aisles and weaving it in and out of the crowds are no easy feats. Carrying a basket to shop will burn even more calories. Plus it’s a bonus when you walk home with your groceries.

Ride a bike to work

With so many bike sharing services, it is now more convenient to cycle anywhere you go. If it is too far to walk, opt for the bike instead. It is a fun and low-impact form of exercise suitable for many.


Spending hours in the kitchen whipping up a meal will definitely help you sweat it out. Increase the pace by putting on some upbeat music and you can burn more than 80 calories in an hour (calculated based on a 55kg person) – imagine the number of calories you are burning if you are one who cooks every day.

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