7 Ways to Stop Binge Eating

We all know what a horror it is to find that every day becomes a cheat day. Here’s how to cope with your binge eating tendencies.

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You’ve been trying really hard to stick to your weight loss plan. But all it took was one cookie and all of a sudden, you’re gorging on chips and chocolates. Here are seven ways to stop yourself from binge eating.

1. Ditch cheat days

Having a cheat day may end up contributing to binge eating. Knowing that you can only enjoy all the foods you want on a particular day increases the tendency of you overeating. It doesn’t help when you go overboard with all the sweet and fatty foods simply because they are off limits on other days. The result? Feeling all bloated and heavy. It’s best to allow yourself the occasional snack every other day. Just practise portion control – a little chocolate or a scoop of ice cream will help you curb your binge eating tendencies.

2. Know that there’s no short-cut

You may have come across many short-cut diet plans like intermittent fasting or ketogenic diets online with many people raving about their effectiveness. But it’s important to know that our bodies are all engineered differently and what works for someone else might not work for you. Going on a strict diet often leaves you craving for foods you cannot eat, making it easier to fall into a binge eating cycle and ruin your weight loss plans. Instead of restricting your calorie intake, have balanced meals and abstain from unhealthy foods.

3. Have patience

The hard truth? It will take a while to curb your binge eating habit and there are bound to be moments where you slip up. Don’t beat yourself up over those failures. Instead of going cold turkey right away, start by gradually cutting down on snacks in between meals. Your body needs time to adapt. 

4. Listen to your body

It’s easy to be misled by the signals your brain is sending to your body when you binge eat. Take your time to chew and savour your food. Give yourself at least 20 minutes to finish your meal and chew thoroughly. That will give your brain enough time to process that you are full. Learn how to identify when your stomach is full and satisfied – that’s when it’s time to stop reaching for more food.

5. Stay away from temptation

Bingeing often happens at home. The best way to avoid that is to clear out your snack shelf. You are less likely to binge with the junk food out of sight. If you really have to snack, stock up on healthy snacks like nuts and fruits.

6. Drink up

Hydrating yourself fully can help suppress your appetite for junk food. When your stomach is full, you are unlikely to feel hungry and end up overeating.

7. Practise yoga

We are too familiar with the various health benefits of yoga. But did you know that yoga can also play a part in preventing binge eating? A study conducted by researchers at Deakin University in Australia found that practising yoga helped women cut down on their food intake. They also developed mindfulness and were more aware of their eating speeds and food choices. Time to hit the yoga mat.


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