8 Reasons Why You’re So Darn Tired All The Time

by Yuen Yi Ying


You keep waking up through the night

Being woken up during the night could seriously affect your mood, functioning and alertness, shares an Israeli study. Whether you’re roused by urgent trips to the toilet, a ringing phone, crying baby or unpleasant fluctuations in temperature, even sleeping through the rest of the night could mean you only get the benefits of just four hours of continuous sleep, causing you to feel tired all day.

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You’re sleeping too much

Just as sleeping too little is bad for you, sleeping too much, more than the usual seven to nine hours of sleep, can cause you to have daytime drowsiness and increased health risks. Unfortunately, this may lead you to feel like spending more time in bed, so it has to be a conscious decision on your part to reverse this situation and get the right amount of sleep.

You don’t have enough iron

Being low on iron affects many women and leads to poor blood oxygenation as well as other symptoms like brain fog. If you’re feeling tired all the time, breathless, irritable, looking pale and losing more hair than usual, seek medical help and get your iron levels tested.

You’re addicted to social media

If you’re tired of always being tired, set a definite bedtime for yourself and leave all gadgets outside the bedroom. Long hours on social media not only affects your sleep, but it also negatively impacts your wellbeing, and makes it hard to wake up on time. Furthermore, a study by The Ohio State University in the US found that being exposed to violent media (those news clips are hard to avoid) could make you 13 times more likely to have a violent dream. That can’t be good for rest.

You can blame your genes

Some people can sleep a little and be full of energy, while others sleep lots yet feel like a zombie. If you’re in the latter category, your genes, which determine how much you benefit from rest, may be to blame. You can’t do much about that, but it’s always good to know if you’re someone who needs more sleep to function properly.

Your working hours are terrible

Our natural circadian rhythms determine whether we’re night owls or morning people, and that can affect how alert we are during work hours. If you’re feeling tired all the time, an incompatible work schedule, whether it’s due to shift work, early mornings or late nights, may be the cause, and may be something to consider before taking up or leaving a job.

Your melatonin levels are wonky

Naturally-occurring melatonin helps promote sleep, but your body may not be producing enough. Some studies have shown that drinking melatonin-rich tart cherry juice may help, as can melatonin tablets, but consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

You have a smoking habit

One Brazilian study revealed that people who smoke tend to feel more tired, are less physically active and also less motivated to exercise more. If this sounds like you, there’s never a better time to quit.

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