Drinking Too Much Alcohol Linked To Weaker Bones And Back Pain In Women

A study found that regular heavy alcohol consumption will weaken your bones and cause back pain later in life.

alcohol back pain women

Alcohol hinders proper bone mass development that takes place from the crucial years of 20 to 25. Photo: 123rf.com

If back aches are becoming part and parcel of your life, weak bones might have something to do with them. More specifically, heavy drinking in the early years has been found to weaken bone health.


A study published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs reveals that young adult women who indulge in heavy drinking face a higher risk of poor bone health in the future.

For the study, more than 80 female college students were tasked to fill out an survey that recorded their physical activity and drinking habits. They also underwent a bone scan.

Using this information, researchers concluded that heavy drinkers (having four or more drinks in two hours) were found to have lower bone mass in the spine. This is a common cause of lower back pain.

The crucial period between 20 and 25 years of age is when our bone mass is developing. An unhealthy consumption of alcohol during these years prevents women from reaching peak bone mass, increasing their risk of osteoporosis. Besides leading to pain, brittle bones also increase the risk of injuries, so it’s a good idea to avoid downing consecutive glasses of wine.


To strengthen your bones, exercise regularly and get sufficient calcium from foods like milk, cheese, yogurt, tofu and edamame.

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