Eat These Calorie-Burning Foods To Lose Weight Faster

Fill your plate with these calorie-burning foods, to boost your metabolism and lose weight faster.

Having a high metabolic rate is a dream for many. But don’t worry if you aren’t born with it – speed up your metabolism by eating these foods, as your body expends more energy while digesting them.

In addition to regular workouts, include these foods in your diet to rev up your metabolism and decrease your body fat percentage. 


1. Spices 

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Eat more: Chillies, Cinnamon, Black pepper, Ginger

Capsaicin, the component in red chillies creates heat in your body which helps your body burn more resting calories after a meal. Plus, spicy foods decrease your desire to eat, so you will consume up to 200 calories lesser if your meal is a spicy dish. Bring on the ginger tea.

 2. Coffee

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Drink more: Coffee, Green tea

You know you love coffee, but now here’s a concrete reason to worship this amazing beverage. Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system, which revs up your metabolism to burn extra calories after your cuppa. Aside from caffeine, green tea also contains the antioxidant catechin which accelerates your body’s metabolism level to reduce body fat. 

3. Brown bread 

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Eat more: Brown Rice, Wholemeal bread, Rolled oats, Quinoa

Here is another reason to replace your white carbs with brown carbs, the extra fibre increases metabolic rate as your body requires more effort while digesting complex carbohydrates. Since brown carbs like brown rice and brown bread have a layer of bran, your body takes longer to process and digest the nutrients, resulting in higher calorie burn.

4. Chicken

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Eat more: Lean poultry

Here’s why people who want to lower their body fat percentage always advocate a diet high in protein: Digesting protein takes twice as much as energy from our bodies. Incorporate protein in all your meals to maximise your calorie burn.

5. Fish

calorie burning lose weight

Healthy fat can help you lose fat. Photo:

Eat more: Fish, Avocado, Olive Oil, Nuts 

Can’t seem to stop the munchies? Take a break from the low-fat diet mindset, and load up on healthy fat. Aside from nourishing your cells and organs, healthy fat completely satisfies you, lowering the chances of feeling peckish and reaching out for junk. This study proves that the presence of a healthy fat, oleic acid, sends a hunger-curbing message to the brain which registers a feeling of fullness. Moreover, the study found that increased oleic acid levels in the body reduce appetite, promoting weight loss.

6. Yogurt

calorie burning lose weight

A study shows that eating yogurt promotes a healthier BMI. Photo:

Eat more: Yogurt, Kimchi, Kombucha

We all know how yummy yogurt is, but here is the science behind this yummy treat. Yogurt is a fermented food product, which means that it is full of good bacteria. This good bacteria creates an optimum environment in your gut that helps promote weight loss. A large-scale study shows that a controlled consumption of yogurt promotes a healthier BMI than those who do not eat yogurt. Pick unsweetened varieties and top with fresh fruit and nuts instead of reaching out for flavoured yogurt – the added sugar might derail your weight loss efforts. Kimchi and kombucha are other good sources of probiotics.


7. Beans

Beans greatly curb cravings as they promote satiety. Photo:

Eat more: Chickpeas, Kidney Beans, Lentils 

Do you avoid the beans on your plate because you see them as extra calories? Although a small serving of beans packs a punch in the calorie department, these tiny gems of protein could help you maintain a healthy weight. This study revealed that participants who had one serving of beans regularly lost close to half a kilogram without consciously making an effort to lose weight. This is because the consumption of beans thoroughly reduced their hunger cravings. So, expect increased weight loss with a balanced diet, an active lifestyle and regular consumption of beans.


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