Eating Oranges Regularly Found To Protect Failing Eyesight

A study found that oranges, in particular, decrease the risk of vision loss by 60 per cent – thanks to their high flavonoid content.

oranges protect failing eyesight

Eating oranges regularly reduces the risk of age-related vision loss by 60 per cent. Photo:

As we age, our vision deteriorates. The scientific term for that is macular degeneration, which is an eye condition that interferes with the clarity of our vision. Although macular degeneration is a common ailment for individuals over the age of 60, a study from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that a regular consumption of oranges decreases that risk.


For the study, researchers interviewed more than 2, 000 adults about their dietary intake. Flavonoid-rich foods, such as oranges, were taken into account.

After the 15-year study, it was revealed that people who eat at least one serving of orange every day reduced their risk of developing macular degeneration by 60 per cent. This refreshing fruit not only tastes delicious, but gives your vision some serious benefits too.


Oranges are rich in flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants that provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Although other foods such as tea, apple and wine contain flavonoids, researchers found no link between these foods and a decreased risk of macular degeneration.

Here’s more reason to stock up on oranges: One serving of a medium-sized orange provides about 4g of dietary fibre. Its antioxidants keep skin healthy, while vitamin C goes towards enhancing your immunity. So shoot for an orange a day to keep the eye doctor away. There are many ways to enjoy this juicy fruit – with breakfast or after meals – to reap its vision-protecting benefits.

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