Sleeping Late At Night Increases Your Risk Of Death

Sorry night owls, but sleeping late at night increases the risk of death, diabetes and other diseases.

sleeping late at night

Late sleepers are more susceptible to diabetes and other respiratory diseases. Photo:

Do you thrive on late-night productivity? If you identify as a night owl, you’d probably hit the sack after 2am. But late sleepers, we have bad news for you. A study published in the journal, Chronobiology International, reveals that night owls face a higher risk of death, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases.

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Researchers of the large-scale study asked more than 433,000 participants to classify themselves as either a morning or an evening person. Their weight, body mass index, illnesses and sleep duration were also taken into account.

After tracking the participants for about six years, the analysis at the end of the study revealed that those who identified as evening types were 10 per cent more likely to die than early risers.

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And it doesn’t end there. Night owls were also found to be more susceptible to diabetes, as well as other digestive and respiratory disorders.

Health issues often plague night owls as late-night tasks interfere with their body’s natural waking and sleeping cycle. If you are a night owl looking to change your ways, here’s how to ease yourself into an early morning lifestyle.

Find it hard to sleep at night? Avoid these common sleep mistakes and you’ll drift off to dreamland in no time.

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