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Here are the kinds of exercise older adults tend to choose

A recent study has identified the kinds of exercise that older adults choose. As part of the studies, more than 1500 participants between ages 70 and 77 were randomly assigned to one of two exercise groups or a control group. The participants in the two exercise groups undertook moderate or high-intensity training sessions twice a week, mostly on their own. ...

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Do These the Night Before to Ensure Morning Workouts Happen

Time change putting a damper on your evening workouts? If the darkness is only good at motivating you home to your cozy couch, you’ll want to think about switching your workouts to the brighter mornings. Here are some ways to prep for morning workouts the night before. By Jenny Sugar Time change putting a damper on your evening workouts? If ...

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5 Daily Habits That Help You To Lose Weight Without Exercise

by Jillian See Incorporate these simple habits into your lifestyle to help you lose the flab. When you’re down to the last kilo to achieve your targeted weight, it somehow becomes exceedingly hard to lose. Besides keeping up with your healthy diet and fitness plan, try incorporating these daily lifestyle habits to speed up fat burn. Photos: 123rf.com Keep moving ...

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