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Coconut Flour Chocolate Keto Mug Cake

I know you’ve been asking for a mug cake that does not use almond flour, and I think you will find that this recipe really fits the bill! The cake is dense, but moist, and so easy to create. In the directions, we tell you to mix the ingredients in a separate bowl. This is so that the ingredients are ...

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Keto Lemon Poppy Seed Mug Cake (Nut-Free)

You know what I love? Besides feeling great on the Keto diet? It is simple recipes that I can make within minutes. Usually, you cannot find that with desserts. They often take a bunch of different ingredients, a perfectly set oven, and all of the measuring cups that you have in the cupboard. It doesn’t have to be that way. ...

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Keto Vanilla Mug Cake Recipe

America is a cake country. Birthday? Make a cake. Anniversary? Cake. Wedding? Cake. Going away party? Cake again. As surprising as it may be despite all of these opportunities for cake, sometimes you want a slice and there aren’t any celebratory occasions on the horizon. What to do? You could make a whole cake, but I think this keto vanilla ...

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