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I’m a 225-Pound Weight-Loss Editor. Get Over It.

By Shaun Chavis I’ve had a weight problem since I was 6. I’ve weighed as much as 256 pounds, and I’m currently around 225. At that weight and standing 5’4″, my BMI is 38.6, which makes me “obese” or “extremely obese,” depending on which chart you read. Just thought I’d get that out right at the start of my blog ...

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Slow Metabolism Is More Common Than You Think

By Shaun Chavis A few months ago, after being on my 1,700-calorie diet for a while and hitting a weight-loss plateau, my boyfriend said, “You really don’t eat that much. Have you ever had your metabolism checked?” Google “slow metabolism” and you get language like, “There is such a thing as slow metabolism…but it’s rare.” (Code for: “Not you, couch ...

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