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Simple Ingredients May Be Trendy, but Not Necessarily Healthy

By Julie Upton, RD There is a hot new marketing trend in the food industry: simplicity. A slew of products in grocery stores are boasting that they contain just a few simple, all-natural ingredients. Problem is, those “simple, all-natural” ingredients are generally things that provide little nutritional value for their number of calories—and they include sugar, cream, flour, salt, oils, ...

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Follow These 6 Simple Eating Habits To Lose Weight At Last

by Jillian See Having trouble losing weight? Try making these small changes to your diet It can be frustrating when you have been doing your best to eat healthy, but aren’t seeing the desired results. Losing weight is actually a very intricate process that requires you to make specific tweaks to your lifestyle, particularly your diet. Focus on these six ...

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