What Is the Dubrow Diet—and Should You Try It?

Forget the keto weight-reduction plan. Everyone is chattering about The Dubrow Diet proper now. (It’s the #1 new diet launch on Amazon.) And it’s bought some large, life-changing guarantees.

If the identify sounds acquainted, that’s as a result of it’s. The Dubrow Diet is from actuality TV energy couple Heather Dubrow and Terry Dubrow, MD. She of Real Housewives of Orange County fame, and him a Newport Beach plastic surgeon and star on Botched. Their e-book is all about find out how to go on a weight-reduction plan that leaves you feeling and searching pretty much as good as they do.

So, what’s the large secret? Intermittent fasting. Right, not such an enormous secret, contemplating that subsequent to the keto weight-reduction plan, IF is the following hottest factor. There are a number of methods to do intermittent fasting, however the Dubrows keep on with time-restricted fasting. This means you solely eat throughout a sure window of time in your day, and quick the remainder of the hours. For instance, you could quick for 12, 14, or 16 hours a day. They name this a “reset” (quick) and “refuel” (feast) schedule.

In their e-book the Dubrows current the analysis on intermittent fasting as definitive. But the truth is, it is nonetheless rising. The authors of a 2015 overview of 21 research concluded that whereas sure varieties of fasting have been discovered to assist folks drop a few pounds and physique fats, the information on time-restricted fasting is proscribed, and “clear conclusions cannot be made at present.” In 2017, a place assertion from the The International Society of Sports Nutrition famous that there is no proof that intermittent fasting is more practical than chopping energy.

Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, Health’s contributing diet editor, agrees that it is too early to attract conclusions about IF: “We’re nonetheless studying in regards to the potential well being advantages of intermittent fasting in wholesome adults, together with if it’s the perfect method for long-term weight reduction.”

How does the Dubrow Diet work?

Get prepared, as a result of there are three phases and plenty of guidelines inside every:

Phase 1: Red Carpet Ready

You decide to a “two- to five-day metabolic boot camp” of a 16-hour reset (quick) and 8-hour refuel (feast). This is meant to reset your starvation and fullness cues.

Phase 2: Summer Is Coming

This part is completed till you attain your aim weight. How rapidly you need to get there determines how lengthy your “reset” interval can be. For occasion, if you wish to do it quick, you’d follow a 16-hour reset and 8-hour refuel window. You additionally get to “cheat”—both for a “moment,” a “meal,” or a complete “day,” relying in your fasting schedule. Your consuming time could begin at about 1 p.m. with lunch (earlier than that you just’d have espresso, or a inexperienced/beet drink that they closely promote), adopted by a lightweight snack, after which dinner.

While the Dubrows don’t encourage counting energy or macros, they do have pointers for what you need to eat in a day. In this part, that features:

Protein: 2-Three servings per day

Fat: 2-Three servings per day

Nuts, seeds, and snacks: 1 serving per day

Dairy: 1 serving per day

Veggies (people who develop above floor are most popular): 2-Three servings per day

Fruit: 1-2 servings a day

Complex carbs: 1 serving per day

And, excellent news, you get to drink alcohol—one thing low in sugar (like wine or brut champagne). Women are inspired to stay to 1 drink per evening. But you probably have this glass of wine, reduce your fruit to 1 serving per day.

Phase 3: Look Hot While Living Like a Human

In the upkeep part, you follow the essential plan outlined in part 2 indefinitely. (The previous “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” reasoning.) That means a 12-hour quick 5 days every week; and a 16-hour quick twice every week. Here, the concept is that you just discover your groove in order that the foundations develop into extra automated, and the entire thing turns into simpler to maintain.

What a nutritionist thinks

Exhausted but? The phases and differing fasting lengths could make this a extra difficult plan to comply with, Sass notes.

One plus, says Sass, is that the weight-reduction plan emphasizes complete meals, veggies, lean proteins, and wholesome fat. And it doesn’t require eliminating carbs utterly. But there are some large minuses: “The weight-reduction plan feels outdated, so far as the phases, the very low-calorie ranges, and the emphasis on physique picture,’’ says Sass.

Let’s chat about these calorie ranges. Though the Dubrows say you shouldn’t rely energy, the truth is that their weight-reduction plan is sort of low in energy. When you’re solely consuming in an 8-hour window, there’s merely much less time to eat (which is one cause why intermittent fasting could also be efficient within the first place). Couple that with the restricted servings of meals you’re consuming, and you could be getting round 1,000 to 1,200 a day, at the very least within the first two phases.

“Limiting calories this much goes below the amounts generally needed when you’re completely sedentary,” says Sass. “So, you’re eating less than it takes to support your body if you were to lay in bed all day and do nothing. This kind of deficit isn’t dangerous short-term, but it’s not necessary, and it can contribute to irritability, mood swings, persistent hunger, and cravings,” she says.

Another caveat: The Dubrow Diet can also be…a weight-reduction plan. There’s plenty of emphasis on staying “hot” or bikini prepared. But that method may be problematic, as Sass factors out. “Weight loss should be a side effect of developing a healthy, balanced, and sustainable relationship with food. When body image—getting red carpet ready, getting a bikini body—is the focus, it can lead to an overly restrictive mindset that can trigger under-nourishing, which is not healthy physically or emotionally, and not maintainable long-term,” says Sass.

Aside from promising bodily outcomes, The Dubrow Diet additionally presents itself as your be-all and end-all for confidence, happiness, motivation, and boundless vitality. But any weight-reduction plan that claims it would change your life ought to increase a crimson flag. (Besides, a plan that encourages a preoccupation with precisely what you’re consuming and when so as to look a sure manner—somewhat than making wholesome selections within the context of a full life—can suck the enjoyment out of issues actual fast.) Bottomline: method with warning.

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